Welcome to our production powerhouse

This is where the magic happens! Our 50k square meters full-fledged multidisciplinary manufacturing powerhouse makes the ideal combination of creativity and production. Over 900 specialists, ready to fulfill your needs, running smooth in-house operations by employing smart engineering and state of the art machinery, while utilizing ERP management systems, enabling optimal efficiencies and controls to produce a one of a kind masterpiece every time.


Our unparalleled presence in UAE, KSA, and China provides a full-service to our clients in the Middle East and Africa. Namely, concept ideation, design, engineering, production, HSE/municipality approvals, transportation, deployment/installation, refurbishment, storage, disassembly, and disposal in accordance with environmental regulations.


Our level of commitment to our clients and their projects has gained us their trust in addition to multiple ISO and OHSAS certifications enabling us to be listed as a preferred supplier in global catalogs. Some of the industries we’ve served are Confectionery, Food and Beverages, Home Appliances, Electronics, Beauty, Grooming, Pharma, Real-Estate, Telecom, Automotive, Banking, and other.


  • Moved to a 13,000 sqm plot housing our state-of-the art facility in DIP during Q4 2011
  • New cutting-edge machinery across various divisions
  • 35 new highly skilled members have joined in Q1 2012
  • New ISO certifications of ISO 14001:2004 (Environment Management System) and OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational Health & Safety Management System)


  • Over 180,000 square feet of world-class production facilities between UAE and KSA operations
  • More than 20,000 units produced in 2012
  • Strategic alliances in Europe and China¬† enabling unparalleled service coverage
  • Full-fledged in-house design and manufacturing capabilities securing unmatched, consistent service and overall value for clients
  • State-of-the-art computerized machinery in all divisions
  • 24/7 production system
  • Strict quality control for consistent results

  • Consistent quality you can always count on

  • Professional production led by global standards

  • A display production partner to Rely on

  • Delivery deadlines perfectly met

  • Creative concepts for added Brand value

  • Unparalleled capabilities for any-size project

  • Powerful high-capacity BTL production facility

  • Supplying display solutions region-wide and beyond

  • Industry experience that spans the spectrum